Application Security

Leverage our expertise for top-tier web and mobile application security assessments and specialized consulting services. Enhance software security to proactively mitigate risks and safeguard against potential data breaches effectively.

Our application security specialists employ a human-assisted tools approach for assessments. We leverage manual tests, dynamic analysis, security source code review tools, and other pertinent solutions to ensure robust application security.

Our comprehensive application security services include threat modeling, web and mobile application penetration testing, API assessment, and the implementation of DevSecOps practices. We safeguard against ransomware, cyber attacks, data breaches, and service outages, acting as futuristic guardians against hackers.

Application Security Services

Threat Modeling Services

Engage in Threat Modeling by pondering four key questions: What actions do I take? What potential issues might arise? How can I address them? And, how can I verify effectiveness? We gamify the process using an online threat modeling tool for added enjoyment.

Security Testing Services

We are adopting Grey-box approach to check your software for exploitable vulnerabilities. With the influence of web technologies, there is a surging demand for web application security services. Our methodology integrates industry best practices, manual penetration testing techniques, and cutting-edge tools to ensure thorough web and mobile app penetration testing.

Security Code Review

A code security review exposes vulnerabilities that assessors would miss without code analysis tools. White-box approach testing employs static code security tools, enhancing efficiency through manual assessment of high-risk functionality. Integrating white-box and black-box application security testing ensures top-tier quality.

DevSecOps Consulting

In the agile software development lifecycle, moments are precious, especially in the CI/CD pipeline. Optimize your approach with DevSecOps best practices and tools like static code analysis and dynamic application scanners. Seamlessly integrate AppSec into DevOps through DevSecOps pipelines for enhanced efficiency.